Our Baskets...

shh...don't tell anyone we have over 100 to choose from...

'Our Best Kept Secret..'



The Beauty Queen - $54.99

a pretty kit: make-up/cosmetic bag, face masks, etc..


Beauty & The Beast - $49.99

his & hers travel basket


Orgasmic Pleasure - $129.99

couples naughty & nice


Tickle Me Pink - $59.99

the ultimate chick basket


Light It Up - $59.99

a basket of candles...ambiance


Sheer Elegance - $189 bronze/$249 gold/$400+ platinum

bottle of champagne, 2 glasses, rose petals, 12 roses, chocolates, his/her spa robes & slippers, bath salts, romantic music...


The Ole Ball 'N' Chain - $59.99

a punny humour basket for anniversaries....


The Connoisseur - $63.99

a gift basket for the Martha Stewart in you...


Confessions of a Shopaholic - $54.99 bronze/$79 silver/$99 gold/$149+ platinum

assorted giftcards, coupons, shopping 'survival pack'...and more


The Lush - $49.99 bronze/$68.99 silver/$79.99 gold/$99+ platinum

a naughty basket JUST for her to rock his world..


Lovers Quarrel - $39.99

a kiss & make up basket


Nail Me - $49.99

nail lovers basket


Lather, Rinse, Repeat - $59.99

hair products basket


The DITZ - $34.99

a funny basket for 'blond moments'


Do Me Yourself - $49.99

for the handy DIY female


Tie The Knot - $89.99

for the newly engaged couple 


Hairy Moments - $69.99

his/hers grooming basket


THE WEDDING PLANNER - $49 bronze/$60 silver/$75 gold/$99+ Platinum

for the newly engaged woman to help keep her organized for her big day

(Platinum includes 'Bridal Binder' designed by Event-Full Elements)


The Fashionista - $59.99

fashion accessories for the teenage girl


The Ole Hag - $45

a funny basket for the 40+ woman


Drama Queen - $45.99

gossip mags, emergency beauty kit, teenage drama mamma items


Bossy Cow - $45.99

a gift basket for the control freak


Sew Easy - $49.99

a basket for the seamstress/crafter in you


The Chatty Patty - $39.99

a survival guide basket for those who travel with a chatter bug: ear buds, itunes card...more


Bachelor Survival Kit - $49.99 bronze/$69.99 silver/$89.99 gold/ $109+ platinum

various household items for the single guy


The Macho Libra - $52.99

a basket for the ultimate macho man


The Couch Potatoe - $49.99

assortment of snacks, movies, remote holder, slippers, cusion, fuzzy blanket...


The Sports Nut - $59.99

assorted items in a sports themed container


Mr. Fix It - $63.99

a basket for the master home improver


The Bachelor Pad - $89.99

mini bar in a basket


The Rock - $59.99

a basket for the fitness trainer/gym buff


Cigar Shoppe - $78.99-$199.99

variety of cigars 


Texas Hold 'Em - $49.99-$109.99

necessities for a poker night


The Booze Hound - $49

beer mug, bottle opener, cooler & accessories...


Grumpier Old Men - $45

a funny basket for the 40+ guy


Ride-On - $99

for the motorcycle lover


90 Day Challenge - $399+

custom fitness guide, energy snacks, gym pass, massage pass/essentials, custom diet, healthy recipes, health shakes...more


The Butt Munch - $99

yoga mat, water bottle, gym pass, work out bag/log


Health Nut - $39.99 bronze/$49.99 silver/$59.99 gold/$75+ platinum

a super healthy snack basket


In the Zone - $50 bronze/$75 silver/$99 gold/$149+ Platinum

necessities for the OCD perfectionist(customized to career/area)


Precious Prince - $34.99 bronze/$49.99 silver/$64.99 gold/$80+ platinum

a baby boy basket


Perfect Princess - $34.99 bronze/$49.99 silver/$64.99 gold/$80+ platinum

a baby girl basket


Shiver Me Timbers - $49.99

pirate basket for boys


The Gangsta - $49.99

cops n robbers basket for boys


Lil Digger - $49.99

outdoor sand play items with trucks for boys


Dino - Time - $32.99

mini dino digs for the dinosaur loving boy


Lil Miss Baker - $39.99

mini cake bake set, apron, tea party set for little girls


Lucky Charms - $39.99

St. Paddy's Day basket


Trick or Treat - $39.99

spooky Halloween basket with accessories


Deck the Halls - $59.99

Christmas Holiday Basket


Let It Snow - $49.99

a winter holiday basket


The Big Freeze - $99+

emergency winter basket for the road


Moment of Silence - $40

Remembrance Day basket


Grad-U-Lations - $39.99 bronze/$49.99 silver/$58.99 gold/$75+ platinum

a basket to celebrate the grad


August Rush - $69.99 bronze/$99 silver/$149 gold/$199+ platinum

back to school baskets


Barely Legal - $49.99

a happy 18th birthday basket


A+ - $49.99

teacher appreciation basket


Serve & Protect - $99

for police/peace officers and officials


The Donut Shoppe - $39

a punny humour basket for the new recruit


The Inferno - $99.99

a basket for fire fighters


Horrible Bosses - $99

a basket to butter up your boss


Butter Me Up - $99

a basket to show your employee how valueable you think they are


D-Day - $99.99

an emergency basket for the big day! (work, event, school)


You did Your BEST! - $59.99

a friendly cheer up basket after a hard day


The Legal Begal - $99

a basket for your favorite law practice


The Assistant - $99

a secretary basket


The Practice - $99

a basket for your favorite Dr


Planes, Trains & Automobiles - $99

a travelling basket


The Tradesman - $99

a basket for trades people


10-4 - $59

the long hauler survival kit


Whole - Natha - Level - $54.99- $99

job promotion basket 


Your Castle is My Castle - $34.99 bronze/$55 silver/$89 gold/$129 Platinum

a new home basket


The Hoe Down - $34.99/$45 silver/$59.99 gold/$75 platinum

a down home farmer basket


The Naturalist - $59.99

a basket for the outdoorsy person 


The Mountaineer - $74.99 

a basket for the avid hiker 


La Paris - $59.99-$139.99

a basket for the Paris lover


Le Fromage - $79.99+

a gourmet cheese basket 


The Coffee-nator - $49.99+

a coffee basket for the avid morning coffee drinker


The Joker - $25.99+

basket for the jokester


The Book Worm - $49+

for the avid book lover


The Toy Shoppe - $89.99+

various his & hers 'naughty & nice' toys gift-its


Geek is Sheek - $52.99

a basket for the geek in you


The Healing Touch - $49+

a get well/healing basket


Weiss-UP - $50+

a get real basket from our team to yours


The Eager Beaver - $39.99+

a basket for the over achiever


Cafe Beano - $34.99+

gourmet coffee basket


Steep - O - Tea - $44.99+

gourmet tea basket


The Masseuse - $68.99+

home massage basket


Forget Me Not - $34.99+

a friendly reminder basket


Beach Buddy - $39.99+

beach basket


Heavenly Benefits - $49+

a religious confirmation basket


Footloose & Fancy Free - $49+

a break up basket


The Super Star - $44.99

for the movie buff


What Happens In Vegas...Stays in Vegas - $59.99 bronze/$72.99 silver/$85 gold/$99+ platinum

a stag/stagette basket


Shell Shocked - $39.99 bronze/$54.99 silver/$68.00 gold/$80+ platinum

a survival basket for guys & girls who move away from home


The Tortoise & The Hare - $45.99+

a basket for either the super high energy go getter and the classically late


Tall Tales - $52.99

a basket for the story teller..


The Candy Shoppe - $26.99 bronze/$47.95 gold

candy basket


Tick Tock - $44.99 bronze/$68.99 silver/$79.99 gold/$92+ platinum 

a basket for the 30+ single guy or girl


It's My Party & I'll Cry If I Want To - $49+

for the party pooper


Grumpy Gremlin - $49.99+

a cheer up basket


Who Let the Dogs Out - $49.99+

a basket for dog lovers


Purr-fect Paws-i-bilities - $49+

a basket for cat lovers 























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