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Here's a little of what we do...


   Ice Sculptures       Gift Baskets     Chocolate & Fruit Bouquets     Cupcakes, Muffins & Cakes    Homemade Baked Goods


          Jams, Jellies & Berry Preservatives    Kamboucha    Diaper Cakes   Organic & Clean Eating Products    Champagne Towers


  Customized Mints, Candies & Chocolates     Candy Bars     Gelato & Ice Cream Bars     Jello Shooters     Health Shooters


         Juicing Recipes, Classes & Juice Bars     Fruit Trays     Snack Trays     Decadent Desserts     Cheese/Cracker/Olive Trays


  Home-made & Bees Wax Candles     Food Buffets     Taco & Meat/Entree Bars     Kids Toy Packages     Princess & Prince Parties


       Kids Themed Parties       Kids Toy Packages     Fine Dining & Dinner Party Packages     Local Wine Tours     Pastries & Pies


  Charcuterie  Boards     Cheese & Wine Tastings/Events     Chocolate & Food Pairing Events     Fondue Events & Parties 


      Pet Party Packages     Tea & Coffee Gourmet Packages     School Budget Lunches & Recipes     Cotton Candy Rentals


   Slushies Machine Rentals     Beach Themed Inflatables Rentals     Iced Coffee Bars     Macaroons     Cookies     Fermented Foods




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